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Our Children's Memorial Walkway
Nestled in the heart of uptown Charlotte, in an area called Third Ward, sits a beautiful memorial park. The walkway and gardens are located within Charlotte Mecklenburg Park- Frazier Park.
Our Children's Memorial Walkway was established in the central city area to allow for families of all ages, denominations, cultures, and races from across the area to have a place to come together in memory of their children of all ages. 
Our Children's Memorial Walkway is made up of engraved bricks for loved ones to honor the memory of their children no matter what age, from infancy to adulthood.  The garden houses cherry trees for shade, benches to rest on, sculptures of children at play and an inscribed monument. 
Surrounding Our Children's Memorial Walkway are greenways, swingsets, a field for play, and a playground.  It is truly a place of life and hope in memory of "Our Children".
Mecklenburg County has approved the use of a portion of Frazier
Park to establish a memorial to the memory of all children of any age, 
in our community, who have died for any reason.

We're gathered here today

To remember our children who have died.

We look at these bricks

Laid carefully side by side.

For us, this is not just a walkway

Each brick represents our loss

Our pain, our devastation

The unbelievable cost

But each brick represents

Our love, our joy

our feelings of great pride

For each girl and boy

Our children still live on in our hearts

We will love them forever

The memories will never part

So to those who see the bricks and may ask why

We're saying please tread softly

On this gentle reminder of days gone by.​

​May 15, 2004 

Written By : Marilyn Heavilin

Author of "Roses in December"

Our Children's Memorial Walkway and Gardens is located in Frazier Park at:
1201 West 4th Street Ext
Charlotte, North Carolina, 28208

(Click on Address for Map)

Annual Spring Remembrance event at the Walkway Sunday, April 21


Paint rocks with childrens' names
and place in the gardens
Dove Release
Light Refreshments

RSVP # Attending

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"The hardest thing ever to hear is that your child has died. The hardest thing ever to do is to live everyday since that moment."

MISSION: To provide an enduring memorial as a comforting place of healing for those who have experienced the death of a child, family member, or friend; and to do community outreach to help families who are grief stricken. 

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